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Select Group of Companies does not have a separate Trust or Foundation for its multifarious CSR outreach. A family enterprise, it supports and complements, the individual efforts and family Trusts in reaching out to people, planet and animals. While the family trusts are human oriented, the Select Group outreach focuses more on animal NGOs and children. The monitoring and support comes directly under Mrs. Jyotsna Sharma, the Director and kind hearted animal loving wife of Mr. Arjun Sharma.

(Late) Mr. Inder Sharma

Our late Chairman was known for a soft heart and his ever willing attitude to help the needy. Monitoring and financially supporting two family Trusts, whose outreach is listed on this website, he took keen interest in managing the day to day affairs of these Trusts and was always supportive of more. His major focus was the charitable dispensary in his ancestral village of Lalowal, Dhariwal, Punjab, outreach and benefits of which are covered separately on this website. He also extended financial grants for children of the Select Group lower salaried employees, besides other needy and supports promotion of tourism seminars through his other charity, Inder Sharma Foundation.

Dr. (Mrs) Aruna Sharma

The first lady of the Group, manages the Shakuntla -Ram Labhaya Educational Charitable Trust, in memory of her parents. The Trust actively supports medical outreach, in memory of her Ophthalmologist father, (Late) Shri Ram Labhaya. Over the years she has sponsored the cost of approx. 500 cataract operations through her charity. As a retired General Practitioner, she continues to give back to society, as a regular visiting Doctor, at the charitable dispensary run by Delhi Commonwealth Women Association, at Zamrudpur, New Delhi. Her commitment to serving the less-privileged for over 25 years in this capacity is worthy of emulation. She was instrumental in setting up the eye center at Guru-ji ki Dispensary, Lalowal, (GKD) which is her late husband’s charitable dispensary in his ancestral village. She regularly monitors the GKD and medicines disbursed at this charitable outlet as part of her family’s compassionate outreach, and donated an ambulance to the supporting, charitable Macrobert Hospital at Dhariwal in 2015.

Mr. Arjun Sharma

As the current Chairman, Select Group, Mr. Arjun Sharma is blessed with a large and exceptionally compassionate heart. Actively using his resources and those of his peer group, his outreach defies elaboration. Setting a personal example as a regular blood donor, he is ever ready to invest in love and compassion, albeit after thorough checks and being satisfied that the cause merits his charity. His vision of mainstreaming children of waste-pickers in Nov 2005, has resulted in over 1400 children being removed from the ignominies of waste picking and its intrinsic physical, sexual and medical hazards. Today, he not only monetarily supports 5 Centers, including 2 English Learning Centers for these children, but also takes great pride in being personally involved as a mentor to them. The first of his children from this initiative topped her school with over 87% marks in the Board exams of Mar 2017.

He was also the visionary who founded the Le Passage Travel Foundation in 2010, as the CSR extension of India’s premier DMC, Le Passage to India. The only travel Foundation in India, it successfully encourages and facilitates soul to holidays of inbound tourists via more than 35 affiliated NGOs across Indian tourism destinations. His most recent coup-de grace, as Director, Select CityWalk Mall, has been to encourage his Mall Team in converting an encroached and dilapidated stretch across the road, opposite the Mall in Saket into a model park, through a public-government partnership, but wholly financed by the Mall.

He sponsors education of children from his personal funds and is an avid and generous contributor to all social outreach requests received by him from his CSR team. He often thinks with his heart and those who know him well, understand that he is as emotionally affected and concerned for the needy, the less privileged, children and destitute, as he is for the stray pup or a muck covered piglet in pain. In short, his love and compassion for all creatures of God is all encompassing.
He has also contributed for multiple organizations and charities through SIPL as a Director and member of CSR Committee at SIPL as under:-

  • Awareness programs on Organ donation and multiple – sclerosis through pioneering NGOs ORGAN and Multiple Sclerosis Society of India respectively.
  • Funding NGO Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group via 5 learning centers, in its ‘No Child in Trash’ program for waste-picker children at Nizamuddin and near Chanakyapuri.
  • Annual quantum funding to Cankids…Kidscan, an NGO working for children from low income families suffering from cancer.
  • Support to multiple animal charities like People for Animals (NCR & Goa), Frendicoes- SECA, WildlifeSOS, Worldwide Veterinary Services, and others, via funding and space for awareness programs at the SIPL Mall. The initiative ‘Paws 4 a Cause’ promotes adoption of stray canines every week-end.
  • Support to Samarpan Foundation via ILCA ((Institute of Learning, Culture and Art) in their noble cause of empowering women in all aspects.
  • In 2016, he initiated the Sunday organic market named ‘HANDPICKED’ at the Mall to support the local farmers and promote healthy living.
  • Support to ‘Centre for New Perspectives, which looks at improving the Livelihood of Folk Performers performing in Street and Public Spaces and mainstreaming their latent creativity to augment the value of Delhi as a creative City.

Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma

If ever there was an animal lover, she is one. A dedicated hard core animal lover, her special focus is stray canines and cats. She is the single point of contact for 100s of people who wish to help an animal in pain. Closely associated with multiple animal charities across India, monetarily and through physical presence, her only raison d’etre in life seems to be alleviation of the quality of life of stray animals. Besides her ‘on-road’ animal outreach program, she employs 5 dedicated cooks and staff to run a canine kitchen from her own home which feeds approx. 500 stray dogs once a day in a 15 kilometers radius of her home. Besides regularly contributing to infrastructure upkeep and new additions, she also sends food supplements to numerous animal NGOs. She identifies, assists and funds the spaying of canines as part of her larger contribution to the community. The premier Select CityWalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi, runs a week-end puppy adoption stall due to her encouragement and efforts. She is the recipient of the REX Global KaramveerPuruskar in recognition of her outstanding and exemplary service for the cause of animals. Also blessed with a large heart, she supports one of Mother Teresa’s Centers for the differently abled, abandoned children at Bhogal, New Delhi. Besides monthly resource support, she spends time with the children along with her 10 year old daughter Amaarah, to sensitize and encourage/awaken the spirit of giving in her young one, as an extension of the family’s compassionate reputation.

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