• Shakuntla – Ram Labhaya Educational Charitable Trust

    This Trust was registered on 29 Jan 1998, in deference to Mrs Shakuntla Labhaya’s will with four Trustees, but is managed by Dr. (Mrs.) Aruna Sharma, her daughter, and the first lady of the Select Group. The focus is primarily on education and support to students, institutions and the needy in the field of medicine. The Trust has had an extensive outreach for medical and educational support, especially to the visually impaired as her father, (Late) Shri Ram Labhaya, was an ophthalmologist. Since 2013, it has also actively associated with the annual free medical camp at the family’s native village of Lalowal, by donating the cost of over approx. 500 cataract operations, donating an ambulance to the supporting, charitable Macrobert Hospital at Dhariwal in 2015.

  • Le Passage Travel Foundation

    Le Passage Travel Foundation, known affectionately as Shaping Lives, was raised in 2010, by Mr. Arjun Sharma as the Managing Director of Le Passage to India, India’s premier DMC. It was a pioneering effort towards responsible tourism, and till date remains the only travel foundation in India. The work is unique as the initiative does not function as an NGO in itself, but acts as a link and a catalyst, between its international travel partners, clients and researched, reliable, grass root level NGO’s. Shaping Lives supports over 35 animal, destitute and child welfare projects across India with the help of local partners and is funded by company and customer donations, and by community time from its volunteer groups.

  • Amaraah Foundation

    Considering Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma love for animals, especially stray canines, her personal outreach was transformed into a more visible charity named after her equally animal friendly daughter, as Amaraah Foundation on 26 Feb 2018. Amaraah Foundation is personally monitored and run by her as the Trustee. The Foundation has a dedicated ‘A Team’ comprising 8 staff and two transport vans. This ‘A Team’ helps run a purely family funded dog kitchen, providing special nutritive meals cooked from rice, chicken, dog food supplements (pedigree) for over 450 stray dogs and puppies on a daily beat covering approx. 60 kms in South Delhi.

    As the operational Trustee, she is also deeply involved in nurturing and providing healthcare to these stray and abandoned dogs, cats and assorted animals and birds, in NCR, Agra and Goa. She is associated with many leading and government approved non-profit charitable institutions like Frendicoes SECA, Sai Jeev Ashram, Krishna Ashram, People for Animals, Kamdhenu Gaushala, Jain Bird Hospital, Worldwide Veterinary Services India, and many more, including the Animal Welfare Board of India.

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  • Jyotsana Sharma Animal Welfare program

    Jyotsana Sharma Animal Welfare program is a personal initiative run by Mr. Arjun Sharma’s wife, Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma. She is personally involved in feeding, nurturing and providing healthcare services to more than 700 stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. She is associated with many of Delhi’s leading and absolutely non-profit charitable institutions like Friendicoes, Sai Jeevashram, Krishna Ashram and Animal Welfare Board of India.

    She has been instrumental in running the ABC program (Animal birth control) which identifies areas with a dense population of strays, sterilizing them and providing post-operative care and rehabilitation. She also manages and runs a purely self-funded dog kitchen every day, which provides special nutritive meals cooked out of rice, chicken, dog food supplements (pedigree) for stray dogs and puppies.


    In one of his informal audiences with the spiritual mentor of the Sharma family, reverently referred to as ‘Guru-ji’, the enlightened one advised (Late) Mr. Inder Sharma, Chairman, Select Group, to go back to his roots and create something memorable and long lasting, to benefit the local population, and dedicate it to the memory of his fore-fathers. His ancestors, being men of medicine, thus was born Chairman’s resolve to create a charitable dispensary in their honor at his ancestral village Lalowal, Tehsil Dhariwal, Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab. His son, Mr. Arjun Sharma, Managing Director, Select Group, ever supportive and in deference to his father’s desire, registered Pt. Kanshi Ram & Pt. Kirpa Ram Trust, on 20 Apr 2004.

    The ‘Settlors’ for the Trust were Mr. Arjun Sharma and his cousin, Mr. Balbir Punj. It was thus named to honor their respective great grandfathers, with the purpose to develop, support and encourage charitable activities and inculcate/support religious teachings primarily at Lalowal. The Trust had two other family members, Mr. Narinder Sharma and Mr. Navin Punj, who as Trustees with Mr. Arjun Sharma and Mr. Balbir Punj, were equally and actively involved in contributing to the trust funds and activities. While, (Late) Mr. Inder Sharma, was incorporated as a Trustee in 2013, when Mr. Navin Punj, prematurely demised, he had always been the main inspiration for setting up the Trust, overseen its registration and functioning from inception. He had helped raised funds, guided its destiny and motivated the other Trustees in fulfilling its goals till his demise on 04 Sep 2017.

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  • (Late) Mr Ghulam Naqshband (GNB) & Rotarian Naqshband Institute for Physically Challenged (RNIPC)

    While not a blood relation, GNB Sir, has always been akin family, and his association goes back to working with (Late) Mr. Inder Sharma to 1945. To Mr. Arjun Sharma, he is the revered mentor, guru and guide, who nurtured and groomed him in his formative years, into the visionary he is today. GNB Sir started the RNIPC in his lifetime on 01 Aug 2008. The focus was to alleviate and support the cause of the differently abled. While he donated a princely sum of Rs. One crore at the onset, his deep commitment to the cause and his love and compassion for such people only came to light via his will after his demise on 05 Mar 2010. He left his entire life’s earning, except a miniscule 0.5 percent, to be used only for RNIPC outreach. He earmarked Mr. Arjun Sharma as one of the two custodian and executor of his Will and when the final disbursement was made on 30 Mar 2016, the Trust had benefited by over Rs 5 crore as his legacy. The amount was judiciously utilized by the Trustees, in consultation with Mr. Arjun Sharma, to benefit majorly the rehabilitation program of the charitable St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi, the Jaipur Foot Organisation, a self-sustaining bag making project of NGO Vishwas and NGO Family of Disabled.

    From the annual interest received on the invested corpus, RNIPC also holds annual camps to directly benefit individual, deserving, differently abled persons from humble backgrounds, through grant of aids and appliances and other support as approved by the Trustees. An enigma in his lifetime, (Late) Mr. Ghulam Naqshband continues to live as a savior to many, through his ultimate gift on demise.

  • Inder Sharma Foundation

    The Inder Sharma Foundation (ISF) was registered initially as International Fellowship Foundation of India on 17 Dec 1970. The name was subsequently changed and re-registered as ISF, on 11 May 2005. As a doyen of the travel industry, (Late) Mr. Inder Sharma, Chairman, Select Group, envisaged a role to promote national integration, international goodwill and brotherhood, through the travel industry, via this Trust. It also included educational support for the needy from humble backgrounds.

    To achieve its basic goal, the ISF has regularly supported seminars, chairs and guest lectures by stalwarts of the tourism industry, with a view to impart knowledge and experience to budding graduates and new entrants, in the tourism sector. (Late) Mr. Inder Sharma, a life time Honorary Professor of the Travel Institute at Jhansi, himself takes great pride in addressing youth at various tourism institutes and forums, when his schedules and health permits. Some of the initiatives he has supported through ISF in his lifetime are:

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