Jyotsana Sharma Animal Welfare program is a personal initiative run by Mr. Arjun Sharma’s wife, Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma. She is personally involved in feeding, nurturing and providing healthcare services to more than 700 stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. She is associated with many of Delhi’s leading and absolutely non-profit charitable institutions like Friendicoes, Sai Jeevashram, Krishna Ashram and Animal Welfare Board of India.

She has been instrumental in running the ABC program (Animal birth control) which identifies areas with a dense population of strays, sterilizing them and providing post-operative care and rehabilitation. She also manages and runs a purely self-funded dog kitchen every day, which provides special nutritive meals cooked out of rice, chicken, dog food supplements (pedigree) for stray dogs and puppies.