Amaraah Foundation

Considering Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma love for animals, especially stray canines, her personal outreach was transformed into a more visible charity named after her equally animal friendly daughter, as Amaraah Foundation on 26 Feb 2018. Amaraah Foundation is personally monitored and run by her as the Trustee. The Foundation has a dedicated ‘A Team’ comprising 8 staff and two transport vans. This ‘A Team’ helps run a purely family funded dog kitchen, providing special nutritive meals cooked from rice, chicken, dog food supplements (pedigree) for over 450 stray dogs and puppies on a daily beat covering approx. 60 kms in South Delhi.

As the operational Trustee, she is also deeply involved in nurturing and providing healthcare to these stray and abandoned dogs, cats and assorted animals and birds, in NCR, Agra and Goa. She is associated with many leading and government approved non-profit charitable institutions like Frendicoes SECA, Sai Jeev Ashram, Krishna Ashram, People for Animals, Kamdhenu Gaushala, Jain Bird Hospital, Worldwide Veterinary Services India, and many more, including the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Her KRA has been to control and reduce the stray population on her beat, by facilitating the ABC program (Animal Birth Control). Her team identifies eligible canines and felines on their rounds, catches them with the help of trained catchers, and the Foundation thereafter finances their sterilization, including post-operative care and rehabilitation, from authorized NGOs.

Even at her tender age of 10 years, Amaraah, their daughter, is actively involved in all activities of her namesake Foundation. A gutsy and self-motivated hands on volunteer, she devotes quality time after school and on holidays, to the home and colony stray dogs by walking, feeding and grooming them. Like her mother, her love is unbridled and encompasses all animals and birds. She already envisages becoming a renowned Veterinarian like her great grandfather, Rai Sahib Dr. Mela Ram Sharma.

The short video https://youtu.be/-pNZYzxRIzk , enables a visual understanding of the Foundation’s outreach and compassion for animals.

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