Vardan Agrotech

Vardan Agrotech is an organic initiative that aims to bridge the gap between pure food and its price challenges. We aim to use state-of-the-art technical expertise for the production of large-scale pure organic food at affordable prices.

Our focus is to integrate technology with organic methods of production to produce vegetables, herbs, and fruits using precision farming techniques for high density farming under protected and controlled greenhouse farming.


  • Year Around Availability
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reduction of carbon footprint (reducing transportation & logistics burden as produce will be grown locally).
  • Nutritional labels – certified & tested organic products.
  • Traceability of produce.

The focus of our team is to:

  • Develop eco-friendly bio nutrients.
  • Develop & improve on nutrient delivery methods.
  • Use of only sterilized and organic inputs.
  • Complete package-of-practice will be developed by Vardan Agrotech that will be validated by accredited institutions like IIHR, PUSA Institute, etc.
  • Ongoing research to reduce the cost and make precision farming viable for Indian farmers.

Our research team consists of highly skilled & qualified professionals in the field of bio-agriculture.


  • Nutrient Formulation & Product Testing Lab.
  • Automated Greenhous with Real time control systems
  • Software driven technology – nutrient deliver systems, plant health monitoring, climate control systems, etc.
  • State-of-the-art tracing systems to map product throughout its lifecycle.
  • Multi-tier Farming
  • Recycling of over 80% of the water used.


  • Direct market to farmers – 100% buyback model of the produce.
  • Providing consumers traceability of produce.
  • Certified high quality produce.
  • Set pricing policy - remove nature driven price variations by producing under controlled environment.
  • Integration of e-commerce platform.


  • Empowering farmers – Skill Development, Security of produce sale, Technical Know-How.
  • Job Creation – Skilled & Unskilled Labor
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