• Jyotsna Sharma’s Animal Welfare program

    Jyotsna Sharma’s Animal Welfare program

    Jyotsana Sharma’s Animal Welfare program is a personal initiative run by Mr. Arjun Sharma’s wife, Mrs. Jyotsana Sharma. She is personally involved in feeding, nurturing and providing healthcare services to more than 700 stray and abandoned dogs and cats in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. She is associated with many of Delhi’s leading and absolutely non-profit charitable institutions like Friendicoes, Sai Jeevashram, Krishna Ashram and Animal Welfare Board of India.

    She has been instrumental in running the ABC program (Animal birth control) which identifies areas with a dense population of strays, sterilizing them and providing post-operative care and rehabilitation. She also manages and runs a purely self-funded dog kitchen every day, which provides special nutritive meals cooked out of rice, chicken, dog food supplements (pedigree) for stray dogs and puppies.

  • Pandit Kansi Ram and Pandit Kripa Ram Charitable and Welfare Trust

    Pandit Kansi Ram and Pandit Kripa Ram Charitable and Welfare Trust

    Pandit Kansi Ram and Pandit Kripa Ram Charitable and Welfare Trust was formed in memory of Mr. Inder Sharma’s late father and paternal uncle who were both leading lights of their village Lalowal (which is in the border district of Gurdaspur, Punjab). The Trust, managed by Mr. Inder Sharma and Mr. Arjun Sharma, runs a charitable dispensary called ‘Guruji ki Dispensary’ from a 300 sqm. building constructed in the village for solely this purpose. The trustees are also the main source of finance for this philanthropic enterprise undertaken in their village as their gesture of thanks to their roots.

    The dispensary, open 6 days a week, provides modern healthcare and medicines to residents of Lalowal and surrounding villages at nominal fees. The trust also undertakes occasional philanthropic activities besides this ‘Dispensary’ project. It donated 100 sewing machines to needy families in the region last year. It also held a free medical camp at the Dispensary and enabled free cataract operations for 17 low-income local gentry from Lalowal and surrounding villages through this camp.

  • Rotary Naqshband Institute for Physically Challenged (RNIPC)

    Rotary Naqshband Institute for Physically Challenged (RNIPC)

    The RNIPC was established by Late Shri. Ghulam Naqshband (then Chairman of Le Passage to India and a member of the Rotary Club of Delhi Midtown) along with his friends and trustees, Shri Inder Sharma and Raman Bhatia. The aim was to help carry forward the work being done by Rotary and other like-minded organisations in the area of rehabilitation of the physically challenged, particularly those who were effected by Polio. Since its inception in August 2008, RNIPC has helped rehabilitate over 30 physically challenged with aid, equipment and much-needed finances to help them establish some business or profession and hence lead a decent and more dignified life.

  • Shaping Lives

    Shaping Lives

    Le Passage Travel Foundation – Shaping Lives is a pioneering effort towards responsible tourism. The work is unique as the initiative does not function as an NGO in itself, but acts as a link between our travel partners, clients and researched, reliable, grass root level NGO’s. The foundation supports 16 animal and child welfare projects across India with the help of local partners and is funded by company and customer donations.

  • Inder Sharma Foundation

    Inder Sharma Foundation

    The Inder Sharma Foundation was established in 1970 by Mr. Inder Sharma, Chairman, Select Group. The foundation aims to promote awareness and education in the field of Travel and Tourism. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded nearly 250 scholarships to students across the country.